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gudida dhalinyarada tog-wajaale students waxay diyaar u yihin in ay ka qayb qaataan horumarka, nabadgalyada iyo dhiirigalinta waxbarashada hadaba waxay ku dhiirigalinayaan ardayda iyo ururada kaleba in ay kala qayb qaataan horumarka waad mahad santihiin wixii faahfaaahin ahna noogu soodira E.mail kan [email protected]


the backgaround of wajaale anti-aids clup WAJAALE ANTI-AIDS CLUP


waac mobilization group

 Profile of the organization


WAAC is a governmental, non-political and non-profit making organization.

Founded on 16th April 2001 on a mission to develop the local youth, children, and women, to undertake public awareness campaigns on matters pertaining to the well-being of the Community.

The establishment of the organization was triggered by the deteriorating life conditions in the town of Tog-Wajaale where the head office of WAAC is located. The worst of these conditions include, but not restricted to, the growing popularity of chewing QAT and smoking among the youth at the expense of their education and health and raising levels of unemployment, recurring violations of the basic rights of some groups of the community.- for example, discrimination and prejudice against minority groups, the ongoing practice of FGM, and the discouraging of girls from the entering schools, and if they do, completing their education as far as they choose, and high risk of HIV infection among the youth.

Responding to these conditions, WAAC set out to mobilize the community particularly the youth joining their efforts to overcome the above challenges that face the local community.

The organization drew its members from the ranks of students and non-student local youth.




 Finance system

 WAAC’s finance system is based on the standard accounting and financial management principles. There are qualified and capable staffs in the office. The organization’s based financial system of the principles of accountability and transparency.

All expenses incurred by the organization are properly documented and supported with original financial supporting documents. All transactions made ­­­­– payments, withdrawals, deposits are only valid a minimum of two authorized signature.


Source of Funds

WAAC  gets its funds from the following sources.

1.      Membership contributions

2.      Individual, group, and institutional donations economic sources of the organization


Mission, vision, and goals of the organization

The basic mission on whom WAAC was established has been preserved, with slight modifications due to the changing environment in which the organization operates


The mission of WAAC is to develop the local youth, children, and women in the areas of education, health, and to advocate for their basic rights; raise public awareness on issues pertaining to community development; and to coordinate the activities of the youth within and outside the country for the successful achievement of this mission.


WAAC envisions a world in which the youth, children and women enjoy complete freedom from ignorance, diseases, and drugs, and have all their rights fulfilled and not violated, and standard of living in a peaceful, prosperous, and growing society.



The goals of the organization, derived from its mission are as follow

1. Development and promotion of education

2. Prevention and awareness of HIV/ AIDS and other STDS

3. Advocacy for and promotion of human rights with emphasis on those of children women and youth

4. To create source of employment for the local youth and women

5. Promotion of youth involvement in sports and other social activities

6. Conservation of the environment by preventing environmentally disastrous activities

7. To assist and cooperate with organizations working towards similar goals

8.Mobolize for the communnity

Design and structure of the organization

The organization of designed for the effective achievement of its mission and goals , Its structure facilitates fast decision-making transmission and sharing of information among the various bodies of the organization, the structure also ensures broad participation by all members in the organizational activities

WAAC has a general assembly (GA) : in which all the members of the organization are represented the board of directors consist of the president , vice president , and other five member chosen two every two months by the GA the executive committee consists of the president, vice president , general secretary , finance  officer and the cashier , under the EC  come the secretariat and the programs department the department of programs headed by the vice president consist of the six line departments of education , health , sports and environment. The secretariat led by the general secretary comprises two staff departments that support the line departments in caring out their activities the secretarial provides general administration for the whole organization the president supported bye the vice president and general secretary coordinates the activities of the secretariat and programs department




Other programs currently in progress

1. Awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention and control. On the fact that HIV/AIDS is spreading in the population, public awareness on its prevention is necessary for community survival. Currently, WAAC has plan for raising the awareness of the local community of the prevention and control of this epidemic.

We have the capacity to undertake such a program. The organization has frequent contacts with the most vulnerable groups of the society. Children, Women, and youth all come the ofice of WAAC. So information and facts on HIV/AIDS can be easily disseminated to them.

2. Other programs that WAAC intends to begin include the promotion of human rights activities, arrangement of sports tournaments, anti-FGM programs, and tree planting.

General Assembly

Board of Directors

Executive committee


Conflict resolution committee

General Secretary

Vice chairperson





Education Dept.

Health Dept.

Job creation Dept.

Sports Dept.

Environment Dept.



waac mobilization group

Organizational chart

Email: [email protected]


Members for the organization is ;

1.mustafe Ibrahim yoonis

2.hamud husein du’ale(ducaale)

3.maxamed badri yuusuf

4.cabdiraxmaan cali raage

5.cabdiraxmaan ahmed cawale

6.muxiyadiin faarax rooble

7.cali Ibrahim xasan

8.hodan ahmed gooraan

9.muuna cabdi cabdilaahi

10.husein ahmed nour

11.kayd aw muuse cabdi

12.faysa muuse cabdi

13.mawlid cabdisamad muuse

14.nimco ahmed faarax

15.gudoon aadan madar

16.muuna samriye muxumed

17.aamina cumar nuur

18.xamda ibraahim muxumed

19.cabdulqaadir cali yuusuf

20.cabdilaahi cabdi xasan

21.muhiyadin cali cumar

22.shucayb cumar ibrahim

23.xamse cabdi muxumed

24.xamda maxamed cabdilaahi

25.deeq ahmed cismaan


hadii aad jeceshahay in aad xubin ka noqoto gudiga horumarinta wajaale isdiwaan gali mahadsanid

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